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An Improbable School

Transforming how Teachers Teach & Students Learn


In a time of testing and one-size-fits-all standards, comes the success story of Wildlands, a school in the Wisconsin woods where just about everything is different. From its project-based, science-focused curriculum driven by the students themselves to school policies that amount to "just be a decent human being," Wildlands breaks the mold while producing students who are successful in school, in the field, in college, in life.


In this compelling narrative, educators Paul Tweed and Liz Seubert share how a vision that began in a school bus turned mobile lab became a public charter school, and how their "Seven Essentials" have led to engaged students, pleased parents, and a trusting Board that empowers this teacher-led learning community.


The perfect book for educators interested in how innovative teaching and learning really CAN work—and everybody who understands that true learning is far more than test results.




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Put students first and allow them the opportunity to make decisions regarding their education


We all act like decent human beings.


Treat students as people


Adventure = Learning by doing, being involved, and taking initiative

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School is not just a building.  It is a place students have deep connections and want to be.


Increased freedom means increased responsibility.


Help students develop a learning path that they OWN.

No matter how complex your organizational needs, we have the capabilities and experience to ask the right questions and help you discover the answers you need to move forward. Lead the Path will help you take decisive action and achieve sustainable results.  Our primary focus is education, but the organizational, cultural, and developmental tools we offer translate to organizations of all sizes and types.

Teacher-Powered Schools - Uncover and understand the dynamics of teacher-powered schools. Learn about new teacher roles, responsibilities, and organizational structures to help make your teacher-powered school successful.

Creating Culture - The culture can make or break a school. Develop an essential foundation for staff and student responsibilities, independence, and ownership. Create a place where staff and students alike want to be every day.

Building Project Learners - Discover ways to move students from passive and compliant to active and independent learners. Learn about critical skills needed for project-based teaching and learning, as well as how to manage it all.

Development and Sustainability - Each school faces unique issues. Lead the Path will identify your school’s unique needs and work with you to chart a plan for the long-term viability of your school.

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